Download Jab Tak Hai Jaan Full Movie Free

Download Jab Tak Hai Jaan Full Movie Free

Jab Tak Hai Jaan movie is a love triangle,and also marks the return of Yash Chopra as a director after eight years.

In Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Shahrukh Khan plays the character of Samar who is an angry, unforgiving, with loads of emotional baggage. His role will span two ages, one in his late twenties as a musician based in London and the other at an older age as an introverted, composed, dutiful army officer in Kashmir.

Katrina as Meera play as a seductress, an unattainable beauty. And Anushka as Akira who is 21 year old and works for Discovery Channel and makes documentaries.

We promised yesterday that today we will reveal the plot of "Jab Tak Hai Jaan", next Shahrukh Khan release directed by Bollywood's most prolific and most experienced director Yash Chopra. We already did 5 coverage of same film and unveiled SRK's character name, his profession, date when title will be out and some other things with 100% success rate.

After our announcement yesterday, we got few mails, tweets and feedback on facebook regarding the same. Majority of you enthusiastic about it but few expressed their concerns over it stating that these revelations will spoil the fun of watching the film. But we want to clarify that like our earlier reports we keep all these facts in mind. Whatever we revealed later came out in open via posters and new bytes in other parts of media. We want to assure that we are just doing it before anyone else EXCLUSIVELY that is it. Also there will NOT BE ANY SPOILERS and we will NOT REVEAL ANYTHING which is crucial to the film.


So let's start the fun ride on one of the biggest films of recent times - "JAB TAK HAI JAAN".

Shahrukh Khan (Samar) works in army in bomb disposal squad. He is very introvert and doesn't talk much. It seems that he went through some trauma and his bad experiences are not leaving his mind, body and soul. He came to Kashmir to forget those bruises from the past and indulge in an army operation. Samar decides that the only way to forget the pain is to prepare it for bigger things. He goes on strict workout training and joins the army. He meets Anushka Sharma (Muskaan) who talks a lot and is tomboyish kind of a girl.She works for a wildlife channel. She starts liking Samar but Samar is lost in his past. And here film moves to flashback.

There is a parallel track of Samar's parents (most probably played by Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor) who also had very intense love story before marriage.Samar takes a cue from them about the intensity of love and life. There are couple of character artistes who play Shahrukh's senior in army (probably Anushka's brother) and friends in London.


What happens to Khushi, will Muskaan get her love and whether Samar will overcome his past and embraced the present, How Samar finds true love between life and death, hope and despair and present and past forms the rest of the story. This is a love saga which depicts eternity of love and passion of souls entrenched in love.

We hope that we had not revealed too much and hope this makes excitement for the movie soars to new height.

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